Free Training for Family Practice Clinicians

How To Work Family Practice, Without Taking Your Work Home

Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?
Most practicing clinicians quickly realize studying for an exam is not the same as studying for clinical practice.

After precepting students and helping thousands pass their in class exams, EORs, and the boards - we've realized there is a huge gap between what is done on an exam vs what is done in the real world. 

After students pass their boards, and start practice, we often get asked... 

"Now what? Now that I'm in practice, I feel lost, and I don't know how to connect the dots. How do I take the knowledge I've learned and apply it to my practice?" 

Does this sound familiar? 

New graduates often wonder how they are supposed to get ahead, when they still feel so unprepared. 

Many are overwhelmed due to the high volume of patients they are expected to see. 

Not to mention the documentation (which most do after hours).

And, I get it, I was once there! I mean, I started off in a busy, family practice, as a solo provider, right out of the gate (talk about pressure). 

I was scared and intimidated, as I didn't have anyone holding my hand. 

I, like most, had to figure things out fast. 

This is why our team has decided to host a free training to help detail everything we've learned to get ahead in clinical practice.

We'll be sharing the strategies and mindset needed to get ahead in clinical practice. 

This training is a culmination of years working with thousands over the years.

A little while back, I asked clinicians what they struggled with most in practice and I received a ton of responses.

Here was one of the many responses we received...

“I'm a new grad and have been working in a family med clinic for the last month. I'm still training with another PA at the practice because my employer requires 6 weeks of training for a new grad.

My issue is that I am stuck in "school mode" and don't have the confidence I should.

I am constantly doubting myself and when I present to the PA and discuss my plan, I find myself asking her if I am doing the right thing. 95% of the time she is in agreement with my assessment and plan but I still feel like I need her approval or like I am trying to get a good grade.

What can I do to make the transition from student to provider and feel confident about it??"

We'll be addressing this, plus much more during this free training.

Talk soon!

- Andrew
Founder of Medgeeks

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