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Medgeeks Pocket Book

We just published our high yield 2020 Medgeeks Pocket Book! 

It's jam packed with high yield associations and pearls to help get your through your in class exams, EORS, and the boards.

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No matter how much we study 
there always seems to be random questions that escape the mind.

But, answering those questions might mean the difference between passing and failing. 

So, we created our pocket book to cover every organ system, to give you the high yield points and associations you must know to make sure you get that low hanging fruit.

But, we don't just cover diseases. 

The Medgeeks pocket book will also help you the with question: 

When is this medication the answer?

Realizing there are a finite number of use cases per medication makes pharmacology easier to digest. 

Use our pocket book to learn this for over 125 classes of medications and for hundreds of diseases.

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